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Blunteffects Incense

Blunteffects Incense

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About this item

  • Hand Dipped Concentrated Incense - 12 Pack (12 sticks each pack) - 11" Sticks 
  • These hand-dipped incense sticks burn for up to 45 minutes to fill any space with your favorite scent.
  • Selected From Our Collection Of 48+ Fragrances
  • After a long day, relaxing & unwinding is a bliss. To enhance your relaxation, burn Blunteffects Hand-dipped Incense!
  • #1 Incense in USA- Satisfaction Guaranteed


Blunteffects long-lasting hand-dipped incense sticks are dipped in high-quality super relaxing fragrances. Our incense sticks are your perfect companion for relaxation, meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, healing, purifying your surrounding, and creating an all-around good karma atmosphere. Our fragrances can be both invigorating and powerful enough to change one's mood. We have a collection of 48+ fragrances and we are continuously adding more to our collection. No matter what your choices of scents are, rest assured Blunteffects has you covered.

Available Scents:

Black Love

Wild Waters

Romantic Night

Big Daddy

Baby Powder

Jamaican Fruit

Frankincense & Myrrh

Bikini Bottom

Black Onyx

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