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Royal Honey 20g

Royal Honey 20g

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Royal Honey VIP uses the power of honey to deliver the ultimate male sexual enhancement.


Take one sachet (20g) every 2 days as needed.


Tribulus Terrestris
Supports Muscle Growth and Repair. Improves Strength And Endurance

Leledlum Peruvianum
Balances Your Hormones and Increases Fertility.

Tongkat Ali
Enhances Energy Levels, Endurance and Stamina. Also Increases Testosterone Levels to Help Build and Maintain Fiber

Panax Ginseng
Supports Increased Mental & Physical Alertness.

Natural Honey
Our honey is a nutraceutical with antimicrobial activity. Honey Helps Absorb Ingredients Faster.



Not recommended for children or pregnant women. People with heart problems should consult with a medical physician before consuming this product.

Made in Malaysia


Royal Honey Male Enhancement

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